Using the Photo Viewer


Images are categorized by Year and Subject. Subjects that do not belong to any particular year are under Year 0000. Clicking on a year loads 2 instances of each subject, one of which has -Mobile appended to it. This loads image pages more suitable for small, touchscreen devices.

Clicking on a subject loads full-frame (uncropped) thumbnail images scaled (resampled) to a height of 180 pixels. Clicking on a thumbnail loads the individual image at full scale or, in the case of -Mobile, scaled to a height of 480 pixels.

Clicking on an individual image in a rectangular band comprising the top-most 100 pixels returns to the thumbnail page, equivalent to Back. Clicking on the image in a rectangular band comprising the left-most 100 pixels, excluding the top-most 100 pixels, loads the preceding image in the subject. Clicking anywhere else on the image loads the next image in the subject. The sequence of images in a subject is circular.